The Board

Vermont Foreign Language Association
PO Box 8496
Essex, VT 05451
The VFLA is an organization designed to promote more effective instruction and study of foreign language, encourage research and experimentation in the learning and teaching of these languages, and to provide for professional growth among its members.

Board of Directors

Allison Litten ‘14
Marion Cross School
Allison's school website
Ginny Memoe '16Co-President
Williston Central School

Ginny's school website
Jennifer McKenzie ‘15
Website Coordinator & Secretary/ListServe Coordinator
Essex High School
Colleen Purcell ‘14
Montpelier High School
Frankie Dunleavy ‘15
Essay Contest Coordinator
Brigitte Orliac '16
Membership Coordinator
Montpelier High School
Thatcher Hinman '14
Hartford High School
Simona Talos Bindrum '14
Poster Contest Coordinator
Randolph Union High School
Meghan Kelley '16
Shelburne Community School
Dana Brettel '14
Thetford Academy

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